Site Traffic Growth – A Good Success Indicator

We check our client’s site analytics regularly to monitor the activities, and for one of our clients with a recently relaunched site, the short term numbers are very promising.

This particular company has had their website up for quite a few years but never really used it as a marketing tool, more like an online brochure to which prospective clients could be directed to get a stronger sense of the goods & services this company offered. Toward the end of 2010 they decided to get more active in local online marketing and turned to FindMyLocalBiz to help them do so. We revised their content & graphics, added internal tags so that the search engines would “see” them, and began building those all-important back links & citations.

While these revisions are on the site for only about two weeks, and comparing the same two week period from the previous month, the analytics show very positive short term results:

  • 66% increase in traffic
  • 75% increase in page views
  • 4% decrease in bounce rate (this is a good thing)

So what does this mean? Well frankly it is too soon to determine long range impact but clearly we are on the right track to build local site traffic. Now the big question is how much of that traffic turns into new customers – and that conversion is what local online marketing is truly about.

We will report back next month on the progress this client is making with their local Internet marketing, and share some additional top line data to give you a sense what you’re possibilities are from your own local Internet marketing campaigns.


Working Closely With Local Business Owners – SEO

Working Closely With Local Business Owners

As Internet Marketing professionals FindMyLocalBiz  works very closely with local business owners every day. Each business is unique as are the owners, but the way we approach their internet marketing is the same.

We learn what the owner wants to do, what has been successful for them in the past, why they want to do things differently now, and then begin a plan of attack. Most importantly we get to understand their expectations for both the long & short terms. The success of our work is deeply connected to the participation and communication of the business owners we work with. The more they are able to verbalize what they want, the better we can deliver what they need.

So when you work with marketing people on any project the one thing you can do to ensure you get what you truly want is to be open and clear about your needs, interest and goals. This type of concise direction goes a long way to bringing you strong results.

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