How To Attract New Customers, Clients & Business

A long time ago I worked as the Advertising Director for a national music magazine. We had a consultant who at the time seemed to me to be more of an annoyance than a mentor, but with the benefit if time & hindsight I can now say he taught me many useful tactics, concepts and procedures.

And with regards to attracting new customers, more clients and growing business, this is the one thing that rings incredibly true even today. It is simple in concept, easy to implement yet probably one of the hardest things to do. And here are those words of wisdom… “JUST MAKE MORE CALLS!”

Amazingly for many of us that is one of the most difficult tactics to employ. It is truly a numbers game. By making more calls you will get more conversations leading to more presentations resulting in more new business. But you must make a high volume for the numbers to work in your favor.

Think of a 2% conversion – 100 calls turn into 20 conversations / meetings that turn into one new client. if you get good at converting than 2% can become 4%, but the percenatges are based only on the total number of calls made during a given period of time.

The morale here is to spend as much time as you can cultivating your prospect list, making the calls and eventually increasing your business.

So to that point I am going to stop blogging now and make some more calls!

You should too.


The three components to a successful SEO campaign.

No two SEO experts will agree on every detail, and no two client’s ever need exactly the same things for their website. At, most clients want to do more business online, and when we take the time to first understand their web goals, then explain the SEO & SEM strategies and plans, they’ll afford us the time and attention to do the job. And results which are never instantaneous first start with increased traffic, better rankings and then ultimately conversions. We find it takes all three components to deliver a successful SEO campaign.

Keep A’goin!

If you’re old enough to remember Henry Gibson on TV’s Laugh-In, then you’ll remember his famous poetry segments called “Keep A’Goin”. In those Henry talked about the daily life challenges tossed his way and how he was determined to keep a’goin to overcome the challenges.

Owning and running a business is often like that. One week you may feel as if the world is against you and nothing is going right, and then suddenly things turn your way.

This past week we experienced the true business value of employing the Keep A’Goin philosophy. During the past months we had many sales meetings, new business presentations and even planned on a revised business model. Things were moving but very slowly. Some days we were getting discouraged, and then… three of those we had previously spoken with called to sign up for our Intent marketing services. Best of all two of these have also given us referrals for new assignments. How great is that!

So remember that during those inevitable down periods, it is wise to always Keep A’Goin. The fact that we keep on going through hard times eventually paid off and will for you, too.

A Happy Customer Is Good For Everyone’s Business

At FindMyLocalBiz  ( we’re  in the middle stages of a client’s site redesign and this has gone through a few mock up revisions. After about one week’s time (not at all unreasonable) a decision was made as to which design style to move forward with for the new site. Then something happened.

The client began speaking to friends and associates, asking their input on ALL the offered design mock-ups even though a decision had been reached. As would be expected no two agreed as to what format was best and so the client was now confused, second guessing their own initial decision.

We gathered all their ideas, discussed between ourselves, went back to the drawing board and reworked the site design yet again. And lo & behold we came up with a total winner!

The final site design is in fact better than the one first chosen, meets all the business needs, is easily SEO friendly and most importantly, makes the client very very happy.

The moral of this story – communicate well and always keep the interests of the clients at the forefront.

If you are thinking of a site redesign for your local business, or maybe launching a new site, then try as hard as you can to communicate exactly what you desire, need and want so that your design team can deliver the goods you expect. You’ll then be a happy customer, and a happy customer is good for everyone’s business!