How To Attract New Customers, Clients & Business

A long time ago I worked as the Advertising Director for a national music magazine. We had a consultant who at the time seemed to me to be more of an annoyance than a mentor, but with the benefit if time & hindsight I can now say he taught me many useful tactics, concepts and procedures.

And with regards to attracting new customers, more clients and growing business, this is the one thing that rings incredibly true even today. It is simple in concept, easy to implement yet probably one of the hardest things to do. And here are those words of wisdom… “JUST MAKE MORE CALLS!”

Amazingly for many of us that is one of the most difficult tactics to employ. It is truly a numbers game. By making more calls you will get more conversations leading to more presentations resulting in more new business. But you must make a high volume for the numbers to work in your favor.

Think of a 2% conversion – 100 calls turn into 20 conversations / meetings that turn into one new client. if you get good at converting than 2% can become 4%, but the percenatges are based only on the total number of calls made during a given period of time.

The morale here is to spend as much time as you can cultivating your prospect list, making the calls and eventually increasing your business.

So to that point I am going to stop blogging now and make some more calls!

You should too.


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