Best Laid Plans Need to Be Continually Re-evaluated

When we started this company our focus was to help local businesses with their Internet marketing. And we gained success, developed an SEO formula that works, and helped many local business owners increase the traffic to their site and get more business from their Internet & social media presence. That was our plan.

And then something interesting happened along the way. Business owners began to verbalize their dis-satisfaction with their existing websites. We were told that many felt their current website was old, out of date. They sometimes had a Faceboook presence but had not done anything useful with it for a long time. So being good business people, we rose to the occasion and re-wrote our business plans to now include website development for local businesses, and are finding that this dovetails wonderfully with our original premise – that local business owners can do more to attract new customers if they made good use of the Internet as a marketing tool.

So the take-away here is that while it is wise to make plans and work those plans, it is even smarter to accept that the best laid plans often need to be re-evaluated, and new directions acted upon!


About FindMyLocalBiz - Internet marketing for local businesses
Website design & Internet marketing for local businesses, including SEO (search engine marketing) , SEM (search engine marketing), web development & social media marketing.

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