Is It Time to Shut Down Your Website? (repost from BNET)

Just as many local business owners are getting on the “I need a website” bandwagon, social media raises the bar to the new chant of “I need a Facebook page now”. We often tell clients that social media today is where websites were 10 years ago – everybody wants one but few truly understand how to make good use of the platform. And just today on BNET a most interesting story appeared, asking if it is time to shut down your website, looking at both business websites and social media as marketing tools.

Lots of useful food for thought for local business owners;  Read that story here .


Keep A’goin!

If you’re old enough to remember Henry Gibson on TV’s Laugh-In, then you’ll remember his famous poetry segments called “Keep A’Goin”. In those Henry talked about the daily life challenges tossed his way and how he was determined to keep a’goin to overcome the challenges.

Owning and running a business is often like that. One week you may feel as if the world is against you and nothing is going right, and then suddenly things turn your way.

This past week we experienced the true business value of employing the Keep A’Goin philosophy. During the past months we had many sales meetings, new business presentations and even planned on a revised business model. Things were moving but very slowly. Some days we were getting discouraged, and then… three of those we had previously spoken with called to sign up for our Intent marketing services. Best of all two of these have also given us referrals for new assignments. How great is that!

So remember that during those inevitable down periods, it is wise to always Keep A’Goin. The fact that we keep on going through hard times eventually paid off and will for you, too.

Working Closely With Local Business Owners – SEO

Working Closely With Local Business Owners

As Internet Marketing professionals FindMyLocalBiz  works very closely with local business owners every day. Each business is unique as are the owners, but the way we approach their internet marketing is the same.

We learn what the owner wants to do, what has been successful for them in the past, why they want to do things differently now, and then begin a plan of attack. Most importantly we get to understand their expectations for both the long & short terms. The success of our work is deeply connected to the participation and communication of the business owners we work with. The more they are able to verbalize what they want, the better we can deliver what they need.

So when you work with marketing people on any project the one thing you can do to ensure you get what you truly want is to be open and clear about your needs, interest and goals. This type of concise direction goes a long way to bringing you strong results.

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